Time Card Calculator Software

We've been tinkering around with our Spectrum TimeClock source code to make a more simple time card calculator. The result is an online time card calculator for people who only need to total up time cards online.

Spectrum TimeClock is our comprehensive web based time clock software solution.

This first version will calculate regular hours and overtime. Future versions may also support time card calculation of California overtime regulations including overtime, double time, and the 7th day rule.

Click on the image below to login or create a new time card calculator account. We offer a 7 day free trial for this system. The cost is $19.99 per year after that.

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Online Time Card Calculator

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Three Other Solutions

Time Card Calculator Software

Runs from your PC. Calculates regular, OT, gross pay and more. It also understands California pay rules. Only $39.95.

Hand Held Time Card Calculator

The TimeCard Tabulator II was specially designed for adding up time cards and costs only $39.95.

Online Time Clock Software

Spectrum TimeClock is our ground breaking web based employee time clock software. It's easy to use, but has numerous powerful options and add-ons like biometric fingerprint reader support.